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New COVID-19 Videos Available in Health and Wellness Library 


New COVID-19 videos released by the CDC on 4/13, as well as videos related to hand-washing, our available in our Health and Wellness Library, within the Infection / Disease Control and Prevention category.  To access the video library, click Content > click Videos > click Add/Remove Videos > (select your player/group) > click Add/Remove Videos.  Scroll down and click Health and Wellness, then Infection / Disease Control and Prevention.  If you have any questions, contact support via live chat.  We are happy to assist.   Be safe and practice safe hygiene!

Schedule a 5-Day Weather Forecast Across Your Network      


You'll find 5-Day Forecast in the "RSS + Weather"  template category.  Simply give the template a name and select any of players where you would like it to display (all of them!).  Weather info will be specific to each locaitons zip code.


Choose Between a Multi-Zone and Full-Screen Layout

MultiZone or FullScreen

It's now possible to choose between a Multi-Zone and Full-Screen layout.  The layout of each player can be adjusted, by clicking Display on the Players and Locations page, within the Administration area.


Control How Often Videos And Custom Messages Play

New Template

Did you know it's possible to adjust how often videos and custom messages are displayed in the Main Zone?  The Playback Frequency of each player can be adjusted on the Players and Locations page, within the Administration area.

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